CL 378


In determination of

  • In Bio-medical investigations: Na & K in body fluids, Na, K and Li electrolytes in Serum. Ba in fecal matter (from Barium meal, Barium swallow etc.).
  • In Pharmaceuticals: Na, K & Ca nutrient solutions for cultivation of antibiotics.
  • In Pollution Monitoring and Control: Na, K & Ca in Natural, Spring, River, Sea boiler feed, Rinse and wastewater.
  • In Food and Agriculture: Na & K content in Soils, plant materials, food and beverages, Ca in wine.
  • In Research Laboratories and Industries: Alkali metal in pastes, Soda Glass, Ceramic and Chemical Industries, Na, K and Ca in Cement & Its raw Materials.
Sodium (Na) 1-100 ppm          0-200 mEq
Potassium (K) 1-100 ppm          0-100 mEq
Lithium (Li) 1-100 ppm          0-10 mEq
Calciuum (Ca) 15-100 ppm          0-5 mEq
Barium (Ba) 50-1000 ppm    mEq values are claimed with appropriate dilution
Sodium (Na)
Potassium (K)
Lithium (Li)
Cacium (Ca)
Barium (Ba)
Better than 2%
FLAME SYSTEM LPG & Oil-free dry air